NotesFam - Family Rules

Naive Notes is the home for awesome posts created by Naive Notes Family Members, also known as NotesFam. If you like to share humor, insights into identity and fandom, personality and trivia quizzes, and the occasional ode to Taylor Swift, then this is the place for you! To become a part of Naive Notes’ Family, all you need to do is sign up for an account and make a post!

Before you sign-up, you should be aware of our Rules. Although we have a handful of rules that we outline below, Naive Notes has one rule that we really must insist upon: Don’t be that guy. That guy, just to clarify, is that guy who comes to your party and hates on your cool party playlist and doesn’t even bring a six pack. That guy is that guy who brings up politics when you’re trying to have a family dinner and tries to talk about dinner when you’re in the middle of an interesting political discussion. That guy is that guy who shouts a lot.

What does that mean on Naive Notes Family? The following lists breaks down how not to be that guy. And, remember, Naive Notes Family is subject to Naive Notes Media general Terms of Use and are applicable across all Naive Notes Media online communities.

NotesFam Is Not For Self-Promotion

NotesFam is a place for you to share what you love with others. It’s not a place for self-promotion. What does self promotion mean? Self-promotion means promoting or publicizing you or your activities, including any business or product you may be running or selling. NotesFam is not the place to yell “SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!!,” your other social media accounts, or your personal blog. As much as we believe in your awesomeness, NotesFam isn’t the platform for highlighting it.

NotesFam Is Not For You Or Your Opinionated Uncle To Talk Politics

Here on NotesFam, we have a strict no-politics rule. If you want to talk about politics, please find a different forum. If you’re running for office, good for you – we don’t care.

NotesFam Is Not A Place For You To Make Money

We know that you’re enterprising and that some sites allow you to write promotional articles for other people and businesses for a fee. NotesFam is not the platform to feature those articles. If they are spotted, your account will be deleted.

NotesFam Is Not A Place For You To Use Other’s Content Without Permission

NotesFam wants you to feature your own original expression–not someone else’s. So please, whether it be text, photos, gifs, etc., post only content that you have the rights to post.

NotesFam Is Not A Place To Try Your Hand At Reporting

Naive Notes does not have a NewsDesk (yet), and NotesFam is not soliciting reported articles. If you want to pitch a news article idea, this is not the right platform.

NotesFam Is Not A Place To Wage A War

NotesFam is a place to bring people together, not push them apart. To that end, you may not post any threatening, harassing, defamatory, deceptive, fraudulent, invasive of another’s privacy, tortious, vulgar, or pornographic. This includes your rants about how much you hate Lululemon. You get the point, if you’re waging a war, wage it somewhere else.

NotesFam Is Not A Place For PR Professionals To Plug Clients

We get it, everybody has a job to do. But, if you’re a PR professional posting something to NotesFam that is intended to promote a client or paying someone to do the same thing, you’re violating our rules. We don’t care if a new CEO has “14 Powerful Insights to Grow Your Business.”

NotesFam Is Not A Place For Spam

Spam is everywhere. It’s the stuff that is irrelevant to Naive Notes’ mission posted without any consideration as to quality or whether it advances Naive Notes’ goal of bringing people together. We don’t need to see a bunch of random infographics on the price of gas from around the world. No one reads spam email, they’re also not going to read Spammy posts.

NotesFam Is Subject To Naive Notes’ Terms of Use

This part is important: Naive Notes Family is subject to Naive Notes’ Terms of Use. Please read the Terms of Use now. Sending us an email saying you “forgot to” after you violated the rules is not an excuse. Those rules are important, not least because they put all NotesFam members on notice that Naive Notes Media reserves the right to deactivate any account that violates these rules or the rules in the Terms of Use without notice to the user. Please read them.