Naive Notes Media

Naive Notes started in 2017 when we started making textposts on Instagram. That quickly went viral.

Since 2017, we’ve gotten pretty good at creating great content that resonate well with our worldwide audience. We’ve worked with a lot of people in our online communities and that is how we came up with the idea to create a way we can all share content. As a result, naivenotes and literallynaive were born.

From that core, we’ve evolved into a content creation studio and diversfied into eCommerce. We’ve created 5 content-sharing websites which all reward our writers and contributors for the actions they take on these websites. We’ve got millions of fans on social media, and we’ve sold over $100k worth of merch in the short time we have been around.

We have a passion for treating talent well and making premium content that never fails to surprise people, including ourselves. With those principles as our constant guide, we look forward to dominating the known viral content universe and one day, perhaps, maybe even breaking even.

We hope you like our websites and services. If you have comments, suggestions, or complaints, feel free to message us via our social media and contact page.